Badass Ceramic Coffee & Beer Mug By The Smokin' Skull (Start FREE + S/H)


The Most Striking, Coolest Skull Mug Is Now Available On MenForge!

How would you like enjoying your beer or coffee in a mug that features an amazing design and is bound to impress? The Smokin' Skull Mug is exactly what you are looking for!

Kick Start Your Morning Like A Boss, Enjoying Your Coffee In The Coolest Skull Mug!

Forget about boring, ordinary mugs everybody uses to drink their coffee. Be different and stand out with this amazing skull mug! It does not feature just another painted skull design. On the contrary, it has been meticulously shaped with every detail and it is incomparably realistic.

Made Of Premium Quality Material And Available In Many Sizes.

It is made of finest quality ceramic material and you can pick among three different sizes. The Smokin' Skull Mug is available in a 21cm (+/- 50 fl oz) size which is perfect for those you like drinking big beers. What is more, you can place an order for the 14,9cm (+/- 17 fl oz) skull mug that is ideal for medium beer and for the 10,5cm (+/- 8 fl oz) mug that is the best choice for coffee lovers.

Use This Top Notch Smoking Skull Mug To Decorate Any Room.

Apart from becoming your all-time favorite drinking mug, it can be also used as a decorative accessory for any of your rooms or even work spaces too. The great colors and impressive, realistic details of the Smokin' Skull Mug make it a great decoration item that can give a dark, gothic touch to any place.

Do Not Waste Time And Place Your Order Now Before We Are Sold Out Again!

WARNING It is a fragile item, for decoration purpose. 100% Hand Painted, each piece is UNIQUE!


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